Day 111 (Fri April 21) watercolor clematis vine

Based on a photo I took in the backyard. Using daniel smith paints in my strathmore 400 series watercolor journal (love this little book so much more than I expected to!) with my faithful uniball deluxe micro pen. I don’t love the overall composition as much as I’d hoped, but I like the individual elements… I like the flowers quite well, the brick, and really like the way the fence came out (which I learned from a previous tutorial!)


I love my daniel smith watercolors, (this sap green being particularly useful today!) BUT, it turns out I don’t love using them wet, from the tubes. I’ve purchased this Meeden metal palette for $13.00 (!!!!!) which I ADORE. And $13 is a steal… includes 24 half pans or 12 full (sized) pans!! I filled the 12 full pans with my daniel smith paints, and let them dry for a couple days, and I just love love love it. It even fits my favorite paint brushes. The only thing… I wish I’d gotten the larger pan! I don’t NEED more colors. But I know I’m getting more. So for a few more dollars I may get the larger one (24 full pans) soon. Heck, I’ll use both, probably. I know I sound like a commercial. I looked hard for a metal palette. I suppose the $60 ones are nicer. But I like this one SO MUCH, I don’t see how I’d care to have the costlier one. Let me know if you try one, or if you have one you like better!


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