Day 168 (sat 6/17) Great Watercolor Deal for quality student grade set

All I’ve done is add a little color to yesterday’s sketch.

The good news: I tried this Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor sketchers box, and love it!

Which I found at Amazon for $12.93, an amazing deal, and I am really pleased with it. I really dislike my original W & N set, and I kept reading about how everyone loved them, even the Cotman student line, so I thought, when I saw this deal, I’d try them one more time. And I’m really glad I did. If you are looking for a very inexpensive start to watercolor, or a nice little travel box cheap, this one is for you. The box is nothing special, but adequate, the assortment of colors is really good, with two good yellows, two good reds, two good blues, two good greens, as well as yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, and (wasted on me) white… really great choices… and it comes with a beautiful tiny travel brush that is nearly worth the cost of the whole set. Now that I have tried it, I highly recommend it, and think this will be my go-to pan set for travel, even though I have worked so hard to set up different travel tins.

Seriously. Under $13 and free shipping, if you have Amazon Prime. I haven’t seen a price like this anywhere. (*I just looked to see how much without a Prime membership, and there’s another seller listing it for $12.77 with free shipping right now… I wish I needed more of these!!) Many of these are “hues”, which bothers some artists, but they have good lightfast ratings and vibrant colors. I’m really happy with them.



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