Day 197 (Sun July 16) Crazy newfie watercolor

I want to learn ways to paint a big fuzzy black dog, so googled newfie watercolor art, and found something looking a little like this (only much better) I’ll try it again another time but this DOES capture the spirit of Emmett pretty well, I think. He’s nuts.


This was for a journal entry I’m working on for a friend on Swap-bot, a very fun site I’m a member of, and I included a poem I wrote years ago about another dog I had.

Painted with Daniel Smith watercolor on some type of parchment.

The bravest, dearest, sweetest heart on Earth
Rests within my dog’s big furry chest.
(Well, maybe not the bravest…
But of all the world, he does love me the best.)

In his perception I’m the greatest friend.
I’m always right… of that there’s never doubt.
I’m simply never wrong.
If I say “in”, it’s in… if I say “out”, it’s out.

He loves the way I speak, my voice, my sound.
He loves to hear me say his name out loud.
He tries to make me smile.
He’ll follow my voice even in a crowd.

In his eyes I look just the way I should;
Change my looks, I’m still the perfect me.
He doesn’t think I’m fat.
My face, and hair, exactly as should be.

Never has he gotten mad at me.
Even when I’ve lost my temper first.
He showers me with love.
He loves me at my best and at my worst.

He comes to sit beside me as I work,
And never tells me “no” if I say “play”.
He tries to be my friend.
He loves me still if I push him away.

And when I’m empty, shattered and alone,
And hiding broken pieces from the rest,
When no one else is there,
He moves in close and offers me his best.

Even though I look at him with love,
Never have I given him his due.
And yet he never sways.
I wish I could be that sweet hearted, too.


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