Day 205 (Mon July 24) Look at me, painting a real picture!

I’m proud of this one, even if Angela Fehr had to show me the techniques. She was exploring Qor watercolors (pronounce it “core”, made by Golden) and demonstrating some of their more interesting properties. When the Qor paints touch water on the paper, the unique binder they use causes the paint to quickly feather out into the water, little tendrils of color spreading out like tiny rivers on a map. It’s very cool to experience, and even Daniel Smiths don’t react exactly that way. I received a free set of three small Qor tubes recently and had one of the colors she was using. I found adding a Qor paint to a Daniel Smith, I still get that reaction. So of course I ordered the Qor High Chroma set of paints she was demonstrating. (try the link!!) I mean, really… I kind of had to once I saw how interesting their response was.



You may be able to see some of the texture added on the foliage area by using plastic wrap on the first layer as it dried!

Very happy with this one.


8 thoughts on “Day 205 (Mon July 24) Look at me, painting a real picture!

  1. Dear Holly, this is stunning. We swap-bot pals will have to pull our socks up. Showing your techniques are building up now you are on this journey, very impressive. I am going to check out the link for the Qor paint. I passed your blog link on to my daughter as she was having a go at a 365 challenge last year, but had difficulty in keeping going. Your art is an inspiration so well done you!

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    1. Oh, thank you! It’s so nice to hear from a fellow swap-botter! Like hearing from home 🙂

      The every day thing IS hard, although I love it… sometimes time is hard to find (or willpower, too, which I don’t have so much of)


  2. This is so beautiful! I love how the different colors and shades blend together so smoothly. I am more of a colored pencil artist, but I have been looking into watercolor lately and am hoping to continue with it. The whole concept of your blog is really cool! I just started an art and photography blog myself, and your blog gives me inspiration. I have followed! Thanks for your posts, I am looking forward to more!

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    1. Thanks! That’s so kind of you to say!! If you have been considering, take the plunge. I just started after Christmas (January? February?) and I love it so much! The caran d’ache museum aquarelle watercolor pencils (or any really, but they are incredible) might be a good place for you to start. Or if You want actual paints, you can even start with three or four colors from qor or daniel smith and have quality paints, with not too heavy an investment (theres a daniel smith starter set with six colors for under $25) I’m glad I’ve tried all the things I have, so I really know what I like… but you can save a lot and maybe learn from my mistakes! Feel free to ask questions if you need help!

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      1. Thank you so much, Holly!! Your kind words and advice means a lot to me! I will be sure to check out the watercolor paints and pencils! I have used the pencils once before and they seem really cool, even easier to control than paints and a paintbrush. I’m excited for more of your posts, and I would love to ask if I need help. It is so kind of you to offer!!

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