Day 206 (Tues July 25) marker review: Art Alternatives “# coloring” (spoiler: No.)

I want a set of alcohol markers, but they are so expensive that I thought I’d try a few different inexpensive types before I invest a lot of money. (or… instead of investing a lot of money?) I already have a few copics which I love but are way too expensive for the amount I’ll be using them, I think. Two days ago I posted a picture using the Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers… those are pretty nice. I don’t like the shape of the pen itself but everything else I liked. (It has hard edges) Plus you can get six pack sets at 40% to 50% off at Michaels with a coupon.

Yesterday I got a little set of “#coloring” markers by “art alternatives” from ebay…  the 5 piece set was $7. I almost ordered another set as well, and now am glad I didn’t. The listing said New… either these are used, or they are crap. Or… both. Frankly if the nibs disintegrate like this while there’s still ink in them, new or used I can’t recommend them.


I liked a lot about them, but the brush tip texture is a deal breaker. The ink is nice, and the markers are a great size and shape for holding. They are dual tipped with a bullet end and a brush end (I really prefer a brush tip on my markers, as opposed to a chisel tip) They are round, and slim for an alcohol marker, but even round they won’t roll off a surface because of a little raised bit extending from the lids. They feel nice to hold.

I had planned to try a picture using only the markers, but I ended up adding some tombow water based marker again, and watercolor pencil as well. (just because of a lack of colors) The black is a copic marker.

Because I like the ink anyway, and the colors, I think I will use them, but I definitely won’t add to the set. The brush end just separates almost immediately to a thick broad smooshy mess, leaving it impossible to do any crisp lettering, so you can have a thick line or thin but nothing in between.



4 thoughts on “Day 206 (Tues July 25) marker review: Art Alternatives “# coloring” (spoiler: No.)

  1. Hi Holly, i read once that you can make your own alcohol markers filling your empty brush pens. Using little screw cap craft jars from Michaels, old felt tip wicks from kids pens resting in alcohol like isocol, an rubbing alcohol. the juice draws out the colour and you chuck away the wick. the resulting liquid keeps in the little jars, and you fill your brush markers up with an eye dropper. Saw it on You tube once. My daughter loved your picture yesterday and has been inspired! Yay Holly.


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