Day 223 (Fri Aug 11) “Gouache is not for me… neither are coloring books, apparently”

Okay, I realize I haven’t given gouache a fair shake. Or coloring books, for that matter. But I don’t particularly enjoy either. I can think of times when gouache paints would be great… honestly it may really be these pans. No other company that I could find makes gouache in pans, and maybe that’s why…  I just don’t like the way they feel. I am not totally giving up on them. I think I’d really like my results if I do a few more things… but I so enjoy the way watercolor paint moves and feels that I think for now I will spend the little art time I have on ink or watercolor, or something I really like laying down on the paper. I’ll come back to gouache later, and I do think sometime I will try some tubes and see if I like those better.


I followed a video by Lisa Marie of Sketching Scarlet on youtube. Her idea. I tried it twice.

PS if you like to paint, and you like coloring books, you may like to try these pans. They actually were really good on the coloring book page and are super vivid. They go on and look like markers to me. Once on the page, you can’t really move the paint around much like you can with watercolor (see the dark green blob between the two fish?) And they layer like some of the alcohol markers do.



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