Day 338 (Mon Nov 4) ArtSnacks Poinsettias

My husband fixed whatever-it-was that had gone wrong with the whatever-it-is in the computer, which was keeping me from being able to post. (Thanks, babe! 🙂

Today I received my ArtSnacks subscription box. The boxes are small but always include full sized products (and occasionally extra samples) to try. The ArtSnacks challenge is to create something using every item received, which I sometimes attempt. In this box I received a Bruynzeel Expression Colored Pencil set (4 pack… I received a red, a gray (maybe greenish gray) and two browns, retail $7.78), a Caran d’Ache Metallic Gold Fibralo marker (this marker can go 7 days uncapped without drying out! retail $2.70), a red Krink k-32 Acrylic Paint Marker (it says odorless, quick drying, environmentally friendly ingredients. Nice touch. retail $11), Pentel Slicca Gel Pen, .25mm (I have never written with so fine a tip before… very cool!!! Made from 87% recycled plastic and draws like a dream. retail $3.15), and a Grumbacher mixed media sample pad (this is a bonus item, 4 bookmark shaped pages, it says the full sized pads feature special “in and out” pages which can be removed and replaced)

This is not the way I would have colored this left to my own devices, but I enjoyed trying to follow the parameters set and seeing what I can come up with. You can’t see it well, but I used the red and gold markers to add some contrast to the flower centers.


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