Sat Jan 13, 2018 Winsor & Newton professional watercolor paints

I ordered 6 individual half pans, just to see how I like the WN watercolors (I don’t like using the wn cotman’s as well as some of my other paints, but they are student grade, so it isn’t a fair comparison) I tried the “jay lee” pink flower again from the youtube tutorial I showed in my last entry.



I purchased Quinacridone magenta, permanent alizarin crimson, transparent yellow, winsor blue green shade, winsor blue red shade, and burnt sienna. After a swatch page and this flower I can say I like them very well, so far.

I felt like the wn paints lifted more completely and worked (maybe?) with more transparency than the daniel smith or qor paints. But I’m wondering if I would have noticed that myself if I hadn’t read it somewhere?? I’ll have to watch that over time. I should be painting a lot more.

The left image is ds paints, the right is wn paints.

The more I’m painting, the more I lean toward ds as my favorite brand. The qor I enjoy in just a few particular instances when I’m not using much water with them. The wn paints are rather lovely, I’ll try them more over time. And honestly… I’m learning that all the professional grade paints might be awfully similar, for an average part-time hobbyist anyway.


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