Fri 3/2/2018 sennelier watercolor, and a deal for you!

So… this sketch. Yeah. An idea of my own!! Yay! I like my idea and am going to build on it, but don’t love the execution. I hate her octopus hair but I think  I can correct that next time. 🙂 Or… maybe…  make an octopus girl!

I used Sennelier pan watercolors in my khadi journal. I’m trying to use the khadi up… I love the way it looks and feels, and love not for ink or paint without a lot of extra water, but don’t love the way it disperses heavy washes.

I really love these Winsor & Newton Series 7 watercolor brushes (size 4 is what I use most)

They are sable and so nice to use. This one is listed at $31, but if you look under the listing it says you can find it from another seller for $20.97 and $4.99 shipping (I can’t get it to give me a link for that one!!) Honestly, my husband bought me this one from the art supply store and I don’t know what he paid. I LOVE this one, and the size 1 and 6 as well.

Here’s a deal for you…

Recently I purchased this set from Cheap Joes. It is still on sale there, $40 for:

a 9×12 block of Arches cold pressed watercolor paper,

a W&N metal tin (very basic, but cute and useful) full of 6 tubes of w&N watercolor paint,

a tiny w&n travel brush AND

a w&n series 7 size 4 watercolor brush!!

(??) The block of paper alone is $25 at Cheap Joes, so for another $15, you get 2 brushes and SIX tubes of paint?? What a great way to try the w&n brand of watercolors! That said, W&N isn’t my favorite brand, it turns out, but I’m happy to have a set of colors from them. All of the top brands are excellent paint.


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