My Amazon Prime commercial and links. I am a fan. (for art supplies. And dog supplies. And life.)

I was just looking around Amazon and found info about Amazon Prime student accounts… (linked here)… it’s 6.49 a month OR $49 a year (breaks down to $4.09 a month, but paid in a single payment) And you can get 6 months free through this link! Two of my kids are college students and I’m pretty sure they don’t know about this, and I had forgotten all about it. This made me start looking around Amazon a bit and I came across links to their other prime programs…

I use Amazon for SO much. I wasn’t sure the free Prime shipping would be a value for me but good grief I get nearly everything from them. Anything I can find at a good price, anyway. Nearly all my art supplies. Pet supplies (with two newfoundlands this is a huge expense. And I am cautious about prices. And dog food is HEAVY and difficult if I have to go buy 30-50 pound bags every week at the pet store) Household supplies. Gifts. Toys. Stuff for work. Books. Audiobooks. Videos. Even groceries (we have that two hour delivery service around here, Amazon Prime Now… so cool! So I can get bread or milk, dog food, etc) AND I use Amazon Smile, so a portion of my purchases goes to the charity of my choice. (Which I can change at any time. Sometimes I do the children’s hospital, sometimes my local dog club’s rescue program (colonial newfoundland club) See if your favorite charity is available!) It doesn’t give a lot… so far this year for my kazillion dollars in purchases for work and home it’s like $17 to the group… but hey, that’s $17 they didn’t have, and it didn’t cost me anything extra. It’s a donation from Amazon. (Thank you Amazon for that gift… they do appreciate it! It has helped the group help local dogs who have needed rescue help this year)

There’s Amazon Prime Family… (linked here)… which I didn’t even know was a thing! (with a free 30 day trial)  Here families get the free Prime shipping, and can share some of the benefits of their membership with members of their family, and they get up to 20% off diapers and baby food! Plus a bunch of other benefits. I haven’t tried this so don’t know if it’s any good, but suspect it might be worth trying (for free anyway).

And HERE, you can check out the free 30 day trial for the regular Amazon Prime membership… even if you don’t try it through my link, I hope you’ll give this a try if you haven’t yet. Good grief I use this A LOT. Weekly. Daily, sometimes. I look here first for EVERYTHING, then compare prices and shipping other places. Speaking “art supplies”, I buy from Cheap Joes sometimes, and from Wet Paint, and a couple other places. But most often I find what I’m looking for at the best price through Amazon.

HERE you can even purchase a Prime membership as a gift, $39 for 3 months or $99 for 12 months.  I didn’t know!!!!

I would apologize for the shameless commercial ( because if you follow my links I get a few cents, and it doesn’t cost you more) but frankly, I’m not sorry. 🙂 I use Amazon a lot and always recommend it to my friends and family. (Although we ALWAYS check prices everywhere we can! Prices on Amazon go up and down… if you keep checking favorites you can find some great deals. You can also pay more than you should if you aren’t careful)

More art next time, I promise.


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