Fuzzy Little Bird, courtesy of Iraville on Youtube (May 20, 2018)

I watched THIS youtube video by Iraville, one of my current favorite artists, and tried to copy her cute little bird. I couldn’t find my masking fluid, so had to try it a little differently.

The first one, on the right, used the wrong paints. Don’t use QoR for this. For the second, on the left, I found the proper paints (listed and linked below) , and it was a bit better, but not right. Cute, though. Third try, on the top… still not right. But I see progress. It’s a good, simple technique that I think I can do better, over time, and create my own cute little fuzzies. Also… paper makes a difference.


By the way, the black here is not actually black (on tries 2 and 3), but Daniel Smith Bloodstone Genuine,  a very granulating paint made from… well, bloodstone, a rock also known as heliotrope. This is a GREAT paint. I’ve linked it above to Amazon, $14.26 for 15 ml, free shipping, for as long as the price lasts. It’s a pretty good price. (It’s about $2 cheaper at Jerry’s Artarama, but you have to pay shipping, making Amazon is a better deal, if you aren’t purchasing several other art supplies as well.) I’ve only really used the color for shadows before, and love it here. It was one of the first colors I found on my own (accidentally) and I hope to find lots of uses for it.

(There’s only one 15 ml of Bloodstone with that seller at Amazon at that price right now…HERE is a 5 ml tube of the same color, currently $6.41, plus $1.99 shipping)

Look at that granulation!


That bright red tummy you can tell is QoR, with it’s tendrilly edges… You can use any paint, but I liked the Schmincke and Daniel Smith better for this.

To make the birdie, you lightly pencil in the general shape. Then use masking fluid to block the eye, brush water across the page, dot in the red (Schmincke Horadam Cadmium Red Light, 5 ml tube, or half pan.) and the Bloodstone, and let them do their thing. Use a dry-ish brush to clean up the edge when they get too carried away.

Watch the video… she explains it really nicely. And it is a relaxing exercise.


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