Travel paint set… (one of many :) 5/24/18

I thought I’d take you on a little tour of a traveling paint bag I have put together. I wish I could do a video tour of this for you!

The creation of this set involved a period of collecting tiny, unusual, but specific, bits. It starts with a little tin, about the size of a deck of cards, that I found at The Dollar Tree. I actually purchased two, and put the lid of one on the bottom of the other, painting all of the pieces inside and out (inside to provide a nice white surface on which to mix colors, outside just because I decided I didn’t like the way the tin looked), and the extra lid gives me an extra area to mix colors if I need it. (I saved the other bottom piece for a future project.) I used a plastic bracelet thingy to wrap around it if it gets too full, but it really doesn’t need it right now. It keeps it all together nice and tight, though, when I add a little sponge I have. Normally I use a wrist sweat band to wrap around it, and then use that as a towel for wiping my brush…  I’ve temporarily misplaced it but this is a great idea.  I keep a swatch of the included paints on the outside of the tin, and will probably create one of my most used mixed colors for the back, once I settle on a favorite selection of colors.


Inside the tin I have:


-6 full pans with magnets attached

-1 water brush,

-a round and a flat travel paint brush (actually the flat is a fingernail decorating brush I found really cheaply on eBay or amazon a while back, the round is a lovely one from Cheap Joes… their store brand) and a tiny winsor & newton travel brush


(I know I don’t need all of these brushes… I just haven’t done it enough that I know yet exactly what I prefer. And it all fits, so…)

-2 little plastic fish full of water. Because they make me smile.


-1 tiny round cup with a lid full of water (VERY small, from a travel container set at Dollar Tree)


-a tiny mechanical pencil (I don’t have a photo, but it is the size of the travel paint brush when folded, very small.)

-a clip or two to hold the journal page open if needed, or to clip the set to the journal… these can be used a couple of ways

-sometimes I have a single silicone baking cup folded in there… it’s shaped like a cup cake liner… folds down flat and pops open to be used as a water cup. Right now I’m just using the teensy cup pictured above.

…and then the lid and the extra lid both serve as paint mixing areas.

Technically, I can just grab this tiny tin and a pad of paper and I have everything I need. It fits in a pocket easily. It’s plenty. I had seen a lovely leather bag I wanted,  which would fit a journal as well. To save myself $50,  I dug around in my closet to see what might work, and voila! Not leather. But bright and happy, and currently going unloved.


A zip pocket in front, for whatever flat thing, paper towel, whatever… then the front flap lifts to reveal a pocket which holds my tiny watercolor journal and my pen. And another zipper pocket for my cash or debit card:

Inside the main zipper compartment I keep the tin I just showed you, with the paints, brushes, water, etc, plus another tiny tin with different erasers and a corner of a plastic gift card for making lines, and a little mister I have for wetting the paints… and there’s plenty of room for some extra little bottles of water if I think I’ll need them. (I have several of the travel shampoo bottle from the Dollar Tree set which are kept filled on my work station.)

And there’s still another pocket on the back if I need it! I can fit watercolor pencils in here, too, or colored pencils if I want them.

The paints are Daniel Smith and since they are magnetic pans, I can replace them with any of the other paints from my larger desk set, which holds a bit of each color I have, and is described in a recent post:

Right now this little travel tin holds Daniel Smith Carmine, Nickel Azo Yellow, Green Apatite Genuine, Phthalo Blue (green shade), French Ultramarine, and Sepia. I could easily fit 12 pans in once I narrow down my brush choice. Or more, if I want to keep the other supplies in my bag.

But wait until you see the tiny palette I made to send to someone… I’ll show you that tomorrow. I love it!!!! It’s so small. you’ll love it, too. And it was CHEAP to make. Everyone likes that.




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