Pocket Sized Business-Card-Holder Paint Palette (5/28/18) (CUUUTE)

I’m sending this sweet little palette all the way to Germany. I’d like to think because it is tiny it will be inexpensive to send… however, it will travel as a “parcel” or “package” so is likely to cost $15-$20. (Ridiculous? But, that IS a long way…) Still, isn’t it cute???? Why are tiny things cute???

I fit SIXTEEN separate colors in here! Obviously it isn’t a ton of each paint but it is plenty for a sample palette, which is what I’m sending out. I was thinking if there is any interest maybe sometime I’ll offer some type of cute little sample palette here as a prize? Maybe not the same exact type, I have LOADS of fun little tins.  (Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested)

I started by shopping on eBay, Amazon, and Dollar Tree. This palette was nice and CHEAP to make. I spray painted inside the top cover with my white enamel paint, to create a tiny mixing area. Then I used Dollar Tree eye makeup tins, pried them out of the holders, and cleaned them out. I was going to slip a magnetic business card backing inside the tin and slide the containers in… but they didn’t stick. I thought then to attach magnets to the backs of the tiny tins instead but… right, they didn’t stick to the business card holder, EITHER. So, both surfaces received magnets. A tight fit, but it worked once I found thin enough magnets.

I added a little swatch card to the cover and allowed the paints to dry for the past week. [After accidentally shutting it like 6 different times and getting sticky paint all over the white surface (which, turns out, DOES clean up easily)]

Look how tiny this is! Too bad you can’t fit a teensy brush inside. I’d have eliminated a few colors to make that work.

Hopefully my little palette will love its new home. I’d be excited to receive this. I really enjoy the QoR paints, but the more I play with them and others, the more clearly I understand why traditional watercolor artists may not love them. I think trying them out as samples first is a great way to see what they are like before putting a lot of money into them!!

If she hates the paints (she makes her own, and they are lovely!) at least she can reuse the palette. 🙂


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