Still Wednesday. Derwent inktense watercolor travel paints

Derwent Inktense Watercolor Travel Set  (12 colors, $24.49 on Amazon) This journal entry is the only thing I have painted with this set, so I can’t say yet what I really think of it. But the paints/inks are thick and bright, and rewet easily, and the palette box is really nice. It comes with a waterbrush and a sponge… but I’m finding I really prefer a real honest-to-goodness brush over a water brush. So far anyway. (Isn’t that teensy little travel brush cute??? It’s a Da Vinci mini travel brush, size 4, (link) though it seems smaller than a four to me. It is a lovely size for fitting into a travel palette but has no cover, which is sad. I don’t want to point to get messed up!) I did use the included water brush as well, and found I had a little better control with it than with the brush I used yesterday.





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