Saturday, 1/12/19… the holy family!

Yesterday I picked up a nice big illuminated holy family set for the yard next Christmas. A sweet (seeming) woman named Deb listed it on LetGo, for free! My daughter sent me the ad, and I couldn’t resist. It was a little scary to meet, but it turned out she WAS in fact just a nice woman named Deb, not a Craigslist killer who had moved on to LetGo, and we met in a public place anyway, so it all worked out. I gave her a little gift in exchange, because it didn’t feel right just taking it for free.


Poor Joseph has a peeling nose, and toe… but surely he would have been a little messed up from all that time in the desert sun anyway, right?

I also played with watercolor trying to recreate part of a Paint Nite picture I’d seen. I ended up using gouache on top and wishing I’d just don’t it all in acrylic or gouache. And… bigger. I was just starting to get the hang of it, when I finished. πŸ™‚ It was late, though, so I stopped.


(I actually spent most of the day working, but you wouldn’t know from my description, would you??)

This is what someone sees looking into the back of my car:


A little creepy. Or encouraging… depending on your perspective!



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