Urban sketching at the Mariners Museum in Newport News 5/10/19

Today we went to the Mariners Museum in Newport News, Virginia for a relaxing afternoon of sketching (and picnicking… I had every intention of sketching our picnic as well, then completely forgot to!!) Weather was perfect, too.

Some “artistic license” (aka mistakes in perspective and placement) was taken, but no harm done!


Since I placed the building too far up, I added the ship wind-thingy in an oval at the bottom of the page. I drew with my pen, no pencil first, so mistakes just became another element. Next time, though, I’ll know to check the height and width of my subject more closely (maybe)


Someone stopped and told us how happy Claude would be that his surfboard display had inspired us. So, Claude, this one’s for you. (Mandy’s was AMAZING!!)

Actual figureheads in the lobby.. Mars… and 3200 pound eagle… from the 1800s.


Mandy was right… shimmery gold paint is fun.


I’m finding I use Daniel Smith Buff Titanium watercolor every time I paint now… a color I was CERTAIN I didn’t need. But now that I have tried it, it is a staple in my palette. I’ve linked the 5ml tube here on Amazon… it’s between $7.50 and $7.79 right now. If you have an art store nearby that sells Daniel Smith paints, they will have this color, too.


I’ve also just received THIS Meeden ceramic palette… it is $13.99 on Amazon at this writing. I am trying to be conscious about how much paint I wash away, from brushes and palettes, and I like this palette because I think I can keep a big well or two to use for random neutral mixes or special colors, wiping out as needed, but use each other well for specific color families, and keep them. Yellow, red, blue, green, etc… then each time I paint try going directly to the well with paint in it from the previous time, instead of washing the palette between or hunting for space on a palette I haven’t washed. I think it will work pretty nicely!

Finally, I wanted to share THIS Meeden watercolor palette and pan set… at $9.99 right now, I think it’s a great deal and I was really impressed with its quality. The metal palette pan is sturdy, and comes with 24 watercolor empty half pans. I see these pans frequently for $12, $13, $15, so it isn’t a HUGE savings, just letting you know (I got myself one 🙂

About affiliate links: I do get a very small dividend from Amazon if someone purchases from this link, which about quarterly I put towards an art supply I use, and review for you, so I appreciate if you purchase through a link (even if it is a different item), but I only link things I enjoy using or think may be helpful to you, and am not asked by the sellers to review these items, or given a special price on them. I always recommend you shop around a bit, because Amazon prices fluctuate, so these prices will go up and down. If the price seems high and you can wait it out, it may go lower. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Urban sketching at the Mariners Museum in Newport News 5/10/19

    1. Thank you! I need to be bolder with my paints. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m using the small palettes, and I’d be bolder with larger pans, because I’m conserving paint, or if it’s just what is comfortable for me at this time. I will try next time!

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