This project has begun as 365 days of random little pieces of art -(using the term loosely…)- scribbles or drawings, paintings or postcards, scissors and glue, whatever. By the time we ring in 2018, I hope to have shared with you a messy little pile of things I’ve created. (will I actually make 365 entries? Well… I’ll do my best! Let’s find out together!)

However, I hope to make everyday-art a way of life, not a single year project, so whether I surpass or fall short of 365 pieces of art in 2017, I hope you will continue this art journey with me, as I learn, grow, improve, and find my heart… in art.

I’ll share with you whatever I learn!

I welcome your comment, criticism, or suggestion.



-to learn and improve artistically, through a commitment to practice

-to develop and strengthen habits beyond drawing, which will impact my life in all areas, doing something I love


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One thought on “About

  1. I’m so happy you have done this project! You have such a beautiful talent! I’m proud of you for following through with your plan……you have proven you, my dear, can do anything you set out to do! But I must caution you, as your mom, please get some real rest! I worry about you!


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