Day 252 (Sat Sept 9) Determination

Okay yesterday I did not post. I was busy all day AND all evening with work… but I did begin a new treehouse ATC (or two) before midnight struck on the clock. And today I am finishing them. However… I don’t wish to post them yet, because the recipient will see them. And I feel like at least SOMETHING in her package should be a surprise. And I don’t want to just skip another post. So today I will post a copy of an entry that I did last year for a journal partner, who also did one for me. The assignment was to choose a quote from a list we had agreed upon, and illustrate it somehow.

It reminds me that I miss doing these! (both the journals, and the pen art) The lettering was quickly and imperfectly scribbled, but I can’t remember why I didn’t take the time to do it right… maybe I have just raised the bar that much for myself this year? I think I may have copied (or mostly copied) a famous woodcut for this. I was very into Rene Quillivic at the time and drew several of his pieces of art. (Some people think that’s wrong, but I think that’s a good way to develop skills.)




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