Day 282 (Tues Oct 10) Inktober “gigantic”

I’m pretty disappointed in most of my Inktober participation so far… I just don’t have time!! Still… I didn’t participate AT ALL last year, and anything is better than that.



3 thoughts on “Day 282 (Tues Oct 10) Inktober “gigantic”

  1. I do t think you should be disappointed at what you haven’t been able to do…like you said, you’ve at least DONE something every day, and that alone is a huge accomplishment! After all, the entire point, is just to keep you practicing your art, not to be creating museum quality pieces each day!

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      1. You are doing great! Challenges are really difficult when you’re navigating “real” life too! Any work is better than no work. Your work–and commitment to it–is actually inspiring me as I strive for some personal goals. Thank you!

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