Day 357 (?) (Sat Dec 23) colored pencil Christmas

I HAVE been doing art, (some), but having trouble posting! Apologies for the posting gap!

I haven’t thought I liked colored pencil at all, but I really do enjoy using my caran d’ache set. They are watercolor pencils, but I don’t always add water.


I didn’t realize I’d smeared pink across the page and wondered why the lighting was causing the edges to appear so pink. After taking several shots I finally realized they ARE pink in the bottom right hand corner!FullSizeRender.jpg-3

…WERE pink. It erased easily with  a white eraser. I used my caran d’ache museum aquarelle watercolor pencils. I’ve linked the marine set here, because it was the best price currently at $57 for the set of 20, but I actually think I have the landscape set. (landscape was $60 right now) I’ve checked a few other sites, and this price at Amazon is the best I could find right now. You can also start with this set of 12 for $40, if you prefer. (I’d just as soon spend another 20 and get a larger set.)

I don’t know if I really even NEED 20 pencils… but I love these so much I still kind of feel like I need the marine and basic sets TOO. 🙂 (I should have asked Santa!!!) Even though I imagine I might only really use ten colors. I don’t want to spend a hundred bucks on them though!!!


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