New Foldable Pocket Watercolor Kit

Click here to see on Amazon… currently $15.99 (I expect them to go up closer to Christmas)  Dyvicl Watercolor Paint Set – 42 Assorted Watercolors Foldable Pocket Travel Watercolor Kit with Brush for Artists, Beginners, Students, Field Sketch Set  

I have been looking forward to writing this review… I tried these paints a few weeks ago, and holy moly, are they ever fun. First, what a unique pan. I had decided if I could find these paints cheaply enough and I hated the paints, I would dispose of them and fill the pans with Daniel Smith colors. But i really like the paint, so far. They are vivid, transparent, and mix well. There is little apparent color shift on the paper as the paint dries.

I don’t know the brand name or manufacturer of the paints, but the set says “Superior” across the top.

There is no lightfast information I can find. I’m going to assume they are not lightfast, until I run my own test (which I’ll do soon, but it takes quite a while to get any results.) Still… 42 colors of quality (feel) paint for under $16, with a waterbrush and mixing palette… what a deal! That all fits easily into a purse or really anywhere. 42 is TOO MANY colors for me, but the smaller sets were only a bit less expensive, and the colors I really wanted were in the larger set. (of course)

I started by creating a swatch sheet that fit in the bottom of the pan. But it was still tricky finding where the paint was. The set fans out, like a deck of cards would in your hand…with 3-9 paints in each strip. The colors at the top, nearest to the hinge, will be harder to use.

The color swatches on the pans themselves were not good… not even close to some of the colors (which is pretty normal, really) so I made my own and covered them with clear packing tape, and glued them over the existing swatches with adhesive dots. Now I can tell exactly where the color I’m looking for is.

It has a top shelf which holds a tiny sponge like piece to be used as a blotter… this piece is velcro’d in place, and can be removed for rinsing. Some of the other brands keep this area empty and it is used as the mixing palette, but a blotter is very useful, particularly if you are taking the paints somewhere outside your studio to use. With this set, the bottom plastic piece has a frame around it so the whole length of the palette can be used to mix paints without worrying about them dripping off. (Also, side note:  I finally realized I can mix straight on my tile topped table as well!)

I love the paints, I love the interesting design, I love the portability… I found a pencil case at Target the set fits in nicely that I can use for storage. I even love the water brush, and I am not currently a big water brush fan.

I used the water brush and paints for both of these:


(the shimmery glowy bits on the lightning bug’s behind here are not from this set, I painted over this part with my finetec gold)


Today I followed a Jay Lee livened youtube tutorial and painted this, using my regular brushes and these paints:



I think this set is great fun as an introductory set for someone, an inexpensive way to discover watercolor painting. Or as an interesting travel set for a more experienced artist.  I’m buying a few more as gifts! Let me know if you try them!



4 thoughts on “New Foldable Pocket Watercolor Kit

    1. Thank you! This set is fun, and different. Lots of colors, and I like the paint itself, too. It isn’t my favorite set, or even necessarily my favorite travel set (I keep making my own tiny sets, with my more expensive paints…and fewer choices is really better for me, I think)… but I’m really having fun with it! I’m happy I bought it 🙂 I’m kind of addicted to trying different sets!

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