I’m back! (With more art)

Well, hello there! It’s been a while since I posted, I know. A bajillion things have happened since then. (That sounds like a big number because it is. Bajillion. It’s way big. But maybe slightly fewer than an actual bajillion occurred.) Also, a lot of ART has occurred (yay, me!) especially the sketchy kind… so maybe it’s better to just start where I am instead of trying to show it ALL to you today. So, here is today’s post. A piece ‘commissioned’ by the Southeastern Newfoundland Club (near and dear to my heart) I’m super proud of this piece!! I will list my supplies here, and also links where I can. Just know that I am in the Amazon Associates program, and if you purchase from Amazon using their links, I receive a very small benefit. (It does not cost you extra, and I appreciate your support! But always shop around. I only link supplies I really enjoy, and try to find the best price at the time, but their prices can fluctuate quite noticeably) Products I used:

-A.Gallo watercolors. (Check out her site if you are interested … I love her paint. She offers it maybe once every month or two and the day it goes on sale I buy a little. And a brush. 🙂

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pens… my new favorites. (I did not know they were India Ink! So nice and dark… and lightfast… and WATERPROOF! And the tips seem to hold up better than microns!)

-Fluid 12″x12″ hot press “Easy-block” watercolor paper (this paper is working well for me so far, but has a definite learning curve for me (I think hot press vs cold press is the thing). I’m not posting a link yet because I haven’t decided about it. But I do enjoy Fluid blocks.)

Soon this will be available for anyone to order from their website! I will update with a link once I have one. All purchases made would support the Southeastern Newfoundland Club.

I’d love to know what you think? It’s a bunch of newfies on their way to their water test. Or just a day of swimming and boating fun? I think it’s pretty cute!

Etchr Mini Workshops, 2021

Etchr is an online art supply company. I’ve been following them since I began my watercolor journey just a few years ago, and I’m pretty sure they were brand new at the time. They have quality, innovative items. Their thinking-outside-the-traditional-box-products continue to make an impression on me.

Recently they started twice-weekly online demos with popular artists doing a sort of paint-with-me tutorial… 1 hour zoom sessions, free to those who can catch them, then available on Youtube (Also free: go search them. Go. I’ll wait. They have a pretty impressive group of offerings. But come back, don’t forget about me)

(piped in elevator music while we wait. And here is a picture of my dog for you to enjoy.)

(And my messy house. Okay, everyone’s back, let’s continue.)

Each artist offering the free demo also has a 90 minute mini workshop you can purchase from Etchr… a live zoom session 300 people can participate in, which is recorded, so each person can refer to it multiple times… and if the class is sold out, we can also just buy access to the recorded video.


I’m serious. These are some internet icons, too… and a bunch of really good artists I just unfamiliar with because my scope is limited. $5.50. Did you get that? FIVE. DOLLARS. And change.

So… I have purchased a few and have been waiting for the workshop dates to arrive. Today was my first one (though I think they’ve been going throughout 2021), with an artist named Paul Kelley. “Urban Sketching with Ink and Watercolor.” Oooooh… that does sound like something I’d like! And I did.

My video cut out partway through… I could still hear but had no idea what he was doing which started to hinder my successful participation, so after about ten minutes of struggling, I logged out and back in (reboot is always the answer, right? But I’m always too stubborn to try it right away) But it was really fun AND I LEARNED STUFF. So, win all the way around.

Here is the reference photo we used (Except I didn’t really, I just mostly did what Paul Kelley did as he did it …with the exception of those *ten critical moments in the middle, when I was more or less on my own.)

*My computer’s issue, not Etchr’s

Here is what I ended up with after about an hour of work:

Mine didn’t come out quite as I’d hoped, and I didn’t see some things accurately on the tiny photo I tried to access on my phone (again my fault not Etchr’s) but I learned a lot of things and am really happy with my attempt. I feel much more prepared for my next urban sketching session.

We used only three colors, and a pen, and no pencil sketch first. I actually prefer to sketch in pen, but sometimes am not brave enough to do, and I find myself wanting such perfect lines. Learning to make something nice without perfect lines was really good for me.

You can find this workshop at Etchrlab.com, and lots of others, too. I am not (yet!! ha!) affiliated with Etchr, although I own a lot of their products, and plan to review their Perfect Sketchbook soon. (Spoiler alert IT IS, INDEED, PERFECT!!)

Using Joyce Hicks’ art as inspiration…

When I say “using” I mean “copying”… but I think it is different enough that she will be happy. Go check out her work at https://www.jhicksfineart.com It is lovely. So light and airy and beautiful. I really want to learn to paint as freely as she does, and you can tell from my attempt that I HAVEN’T! But it is only my first attempt. I’m confident I’ll improve.

DaVinci watercolor has a new palette with colors she inspired, including Joyce’s mother green, which you can see through this link: https://www.davincipaints.com/category-s/123.htm (I am not affiliated with Davinci, I just enjoy their paints and find them both quality, and affordable, which is nice!)

I purchased her palette, and after swatching the colors out, wasn’t terribly interested in it, to be honest. Then I ran across a little tutorial Joyce offers using the palette… https://youtu.be/K3DNoaKqHJk This tutorial was not what I expected. AND it was easy to do, and fun. It got me wondering about some of her other things, so I pulled up a couple more tutorials to watch, then found a painting of hers to attempt. Once I started, I realized I really didn’t know what I was doing. But I completed it, (using her palette!) and I’m really happy with it. A friend wanted a painting of a house with the word “prosperous” on it, and I thought she might really like this, so I added it when I did the finishing touches, cropped it to 5×7 ( for convenience for her, but also happy to crop out a mistake or two)

I learned a lot from this painting. It is hard not to just focus on the errors, but there are things I like too, and I really like her layering techniques. I’m so glad I tried something I didn’t feel ready for, and hope to do more.

I’m afraid I didn’t think to take photos of the different stages.

Almost done.
After darkening the shadows and bushes, and adding the sign.
The cropped image, 5″x7″
In a plastic sleeve, ready to mail out!

There are glaring mistakes, I know! But still, isn’t it cute? Joyce Hicks is good! I will keep trying to learn from her.

Inktober 2020 Day 30: Ominous

One of my very favorite paints: Daniel Smith bloodstone. Found here on Amazon: https://amzn.to/35Na3jY (paid link: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but I only recommend products I truly love! Also, the price changes regularly on Amazon, so watch for deals and check other places for better pricers. I do often get my best prices on Amazon, though. Thank you for your support!)

Inktober 2020 Day 27: Music

This one… well, it took me a few days to decide on something to draw. And then when I finished it first I loved it. For like, 2 minutes… AND THEN, I HATED IT. The longer I looked at it, the more the flaws stood out. And it wasn’t AT ALL what I’d pictured in my head. So… version 1:

A little Ricky Ricardo-ish. I still love it… if only my glasses proportions had been right. Or at least right-ish.

Version 2:

Well. You be the judge. I’m giving up at two, for now. Anyway, this one was more fun. Still having glasses trouble. I guess I’m proportionally challenged today. And… that’s okay!!