Curious George… and DaVinci watercolors!

I ordered the Scratchmade Journal set of DaVinci watercolors. I’ve watched several youtube artists review them, discussing their quality and their (relatively speaking) affordable prices. I like the selection Scratchmade Journal chose for this set (if you haven’t checked out Scratchmade Journal’s blog, here’s the link) … they look like really useful colors, especially if someone is starting out and wondering which colors to start with. I think this palette at DaVinci paints was $79. That may sound like an investment, but it’s quite a deal for 18 artist grade colors.

I LOVE the dark gray metal palette. And the semi clear paint pans, 6 full and 12 half. AND DaVinci included a really nice set of sample dots, with three rows of 8 or 9 dots in reds, yellows, and blues, so the artist can find a primary set they love. Having searched primaries all year, I love this idea. But mostly, I am really happy with the paint, so far. They rewet very VERY easily, are extremely vivid, and I’ve seen little (to no) color shift while drying.

Best of all, the DaVinci red included in the set is my idea of a perfect primary red (warm), so bright and bold. I have (seriously) been trying to find the perfect red all year. I learned the pigment used in this red is the same pigment Ferrari uses for “ferrari red.”


I sketched a quick Curious George for a card swap I’m doing. Other than a too small head, he’s great (and that was because I was too lazy to get a pencil before jumping right in with ink)


I’d have to add this to the list of supplies I’d suggest as a great Christmas gift, even though it wouldn’t arrive in time. You could wrap a photo of them. 🙂


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