Day 237 (Fri Aug 25) ATC

An ATC is an Artist’s Trading Card. This one is nothing special, and I made it this morning for a partner on a site I’m in (Swap-bot)… an ATC has only one hard and fast rule: It must be 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. You can do pretty much anything you want to them, and on the back the artists generally write their names, location, the date or year, name of piece, and what they used to create the piece. As the name implies, these are always traded, or given, never sold. If created to be sold, they are called ACEO’s (Art Card Originals and Editions). Frequently they involve many layers, and several different media, but they don’t have to. Most collectors have many, many cards from all different artists, not just one or two.

My partner wanted a daisy, so naturally I used ink and watercolor. I drew the back of the daisy, looking up at the sky through it’s petals, (weird, I guess) and added a little dragonfly brad. (Because I had to mail it in a card and thought the ladybug that I preferred was too fat to travel in a flat envelope!) I’m not sure why my light was so odd for the photo with the dragonfly? Careless.


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