Day 236 (Thurs Aug 24) Middle Sized yellow treehouse

Ok, look how cool the green paint at the bottom acted… it just GREW ITSELF into tall grasses! I think a tiny yellow treehouse next…? [ I have “commissions” for four separate people waiting to be started… why don’t I work on THOSE?? (I think I’m afraid of disappointing myself or the people who asked for them…) ] Read on only if you want info on the colors I used. 🙂

I’m using Qor paints, and also these Daniel Smith watercolors… I love all three of these colors, particularly the Undersea Green. Mixed with just a touch of Daniel Smith’s sap green it is really extraordinary in my opinion, and I love it in those trees. The Undersea Green with just the tiniest touch of Qor Manganese Blue (which I purchased at Jerry’s Artarama in town nearby, because I couldn’t find it on Amazon :), makes the blooming grassy area in this treehouse… I turned the paper upside down and let gravity help. (a little hint… painting on an easel makes a big difference!) And the sky is the Qor Manganese Blue.

The Qor colors bleed and develop into the most interesting patterns.  They are really REALLY fun to use… if you haven’t tried them yet, consider starting with the  Qor High Chroma watercolor set , the colors are fabulous, and the purple in it is what I have enjoyed using in the trees so often. The pink, too, actually. The Green Gold is what I have been starting most of my trees with, adding dots of yellow and blue and even the purple. I watched a video recently suggesting letting colors blend on the page more often than mixing in a palette, and it does give satisfying results. The reddish brown of the tree and chimney are Daniel Smith’s Transparent Red Oxide, which I am enjoying very much, but is quite similar to other colors I already had. (Including the Transparent Pyrrole Orange which comes in the High Chroma set, I think.) The yellow is Daniel Smith Naples Yellow… which I haven’t quite decided about. I think I like it? The Qor and the Daniel Smith Naples Yellow are slightly different colors and I haven’t compared them much yet.


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