Cephalopodic Solar System? (May 31, 2018)

I am in an interesting swap on Swap-bot.com, a very fun artistic swapping site. I’ve made some amazing friends there and met some incredible artists, too. This swap will have 8 parts… each person will decorate 1/8th of every participant’s plain canvas tote bag, one at a time, as they circle the group. Anything goes. It should be an interesting tote bag I receive back! The swap is international, so a little expensive for those of us in the US sending to Europe, but at least the expense of shipping is spread out over a long time.

It turns out, staring at a blank canvas bag which will end up with someone I don’t know is rather daunting!! I don’t want to paint something she hates. I peeked at her profile to get some ideas, and saw “cephalopods” on her list of “likes”… I’m not sure how the planets came into being, I just thought they’d be kinda cool. So I ended up with an octopus either orchestrating, designing, or destroying the universe, depending upon your point of view, and current mood. 🙂 Or really, maybe just playing around with it.




What do you think? I kinda love him. Her? I may need to try a larger paper version to keep. Or several different versions.



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