Chick-fil-A paper doll art… 3/15/2018

Today’s art: drawing! EASY drawing. Yay!!!

St Patrick’s Day Storytime is coming up this Saturday at work. I get to read holiday stories to the kids, and we give them milk and cookies (if ‘Mom’ approves, of course)… the Cow comes out for a visit, and we have a coloring page I’ve drawn. This time I thought it would be fun to make a Cow paper doll… then every holiday I’ll draw a new accessory sheet with clothes and things for the Cow, appropriate for each season. The more storytime’s the kids attend, the larger their Cow’s wardrobe will be! Plus I don’t have to think up a new coloring page each time, I just draw seasonal clothes and accessories.

I really like doing things like this. No pressure. No stress. No worries. Just fun.



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