Sunday Jan 21, 2018 inky bird

I’m still adding to that pen and ink series all on one page. After I took this photo I corrected some little places, but didn’t take another picture.

This sketch actually came from one I started in a journal last night while waiting for our takeout order to be ready. There’s something pleasant about drawing birds and flowers. I’ll keep adding to this page and post the whole thing soon, as well as that original sketch.

Supplies, and Amazon links: Canson 140 lb watercolor paper, 9×12, cold pressed, not my favorite brand but actually great for this project, using ink, where I want some texture, and where I may add a light wash of paint. A pretty good deal here I think at under $10 for 30 sheets…. drawn with a uniball deluxe micro pen, .5 mm tip… . My favorite pen. It’s waterproof, in case I do choose to wash some color over it. I’ve linked the 12 pack here, because at $24, it’s such a better deal than the individual pen I could fine for $8. (???!!!)But wait until there’s a good price on a 3 pack if you aren’t sure about them.  I have found a three pack for $9 before, but right now that is $12. Prices fluctuate on Amazon. The 12 pack micro tip seems to stay close to $2 a pen.

Uni-ball also offers this pen in a fine tip instead of micro, .7mm, for $12.95 a dozen.

(As an Amazon Affiliate I do get a few cents back on any sale made through these links, but I only offer items I think you may be interested in if you are reading this blog, at prices I think are reasonable.) I’m going to order these 7mm pens myself because it’s the same quality ink at a great price, and let you know what I think of them for larger pieces, but I do love the smaller 5mm micro tip!


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