Day 291 (Thurs Oct 19) bunny!

We have a guest artist today, Ellis Dickson, 5 years old…. Superhero Fire-girl Mosquito… our Ellie-bellie! But enough introduction… on to the ART.

Ellis and I were drawing bunnies, and I was supposed to post this spectacular masterpiece YESTERDAY, and got bogged down with work instead. Apologies, sweet girl! Two I drew for her to color, but the other she drew by herself with just a dab or two from me! AND she used really special ARTIST pens, too. Pretty cool, huh? You can all say “I knew her when…”

And here is my quick sketch for the evening. I cant do more than three minutes but like we have said throughout  October… 3 minutes is better than no minutes! Inktober word for today “cloud”… and I thought about how much the silly drawn clouds look like trees…so there is my little weeping cloud tree.


4 thoughts on “Day 291 (Thurs Oct 19) bunny!

  1. Love this whole blog!! You should be an art teacher! And you really are….you are teaching Ellis!! What a great bonding tool! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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