Day 301 (Sun Oct 29th) -I’m back!

WELL… I haven’t posted since day 291… although I have made a sketch or two since then, nothing worth noting. I tried a couple Peter Sheeler tutorials one evening, and simply didn’t have a moment after that. We have been massively overwhelmed with our restaurant opening. I thought I’d manage to sneak 5 minutes of art in each day, but I had no idea how exhausted I’d be or how many 18 hour days I’d be trying. I feel like, artistically speaking, October has just been wasted. But we worked hard and the restaurant is on its way now, fully born, and I will have a little of my time back.

But when I picked up a pen today I found myself without inspiration. Or even the desire to sketch. It was a weird feeling. My studio is a wreck, as I have just tossed things in there and shut the door, so I couldn’t even go in there to sit. I watched a few a few artsy videos from vloggers I follow, and tried something quick…. really I think I’m still just sleepy. So here is my sad attempt at day 301 which really ISN’T day 301 of drawing… but is day 301 of the challenge.  And hopefully over the next week something will inspire me.





3 thoughts on “Day 301 (Sun Oct 29th) -I’m back!

  1. My goodness, Holly! You need to sit down, close your eyes, and just breathe for a minute. You are going to wear yourself to a frazzle. Something to keep in mind: creating yummy plates of food is artistry 🙂 Art on a plate. Mmmmm. . . .

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