Day 6: Single Line Drawings

Today I didn’t have time or inclination to get supplies out, so I decided to try some Single Line Drawings. As you can see from the featured image, some of them used more than a single line.

I started out by copying some I googled… some are famous pieces are some are things people have posted. Because I was trying to figure it out, and copy others, I really wasn’t as free with my pen as I should have been.

Turns out, the female form really is kind of fun to draw. I just copied these from actual “art”.

The only ones I did myself are the cats and the jingle bells. Still, I was happy with my results, and am going to try this again. I’m looking forward to it, actually!


What I learned:

  • move quickly for better results
  • see the shapes and lines, not the item
  • copying line placement doesn’t really work for this
  • line drawings aren’t scary at all. Even famous ones look like scribbles, and they are beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Single Line Drawings

  1. I really like the line drawing of the cat you featured for today. It’s amazing how such simple lines can create a beautiful piece of art. The simplicity is what makes it so compelling. Thank you for sharing.


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