Day 5: lettersets, kind of

A little watercolor, some tiny notecards from Target’s dollar bin, and poof! Adorable mini lettersets. I plan to use these painted cards for a swap I’m mailing out tomorrow.

I got the idea for the design here, although I didn’t actually use the same method she used, instead adapting her idea to the supplies I wanted to use.

I kept the masking pieces, which are about 1 1/2″x 2″…. must be something they’ll be good for?


(I often keep interesting-things-which-should-be-trash, and I feel good about repurposing them. But I tend to forget about them once they are out of sight, so I end up with a studio full of actual trash. I’m trying to break this habit… I’ll really need to find a project quickly for these, or decide to ditch them!


I wish I had worked more carefully with my lettering, but they are cute. I’m happy.


Here’s the finished product… happy mail off to Costa Rica! (it’s cheaper to send two letter sized envelopes than sending one fatter one. Maria will be receiving the notecards, the cherry tree from Day 3, and some Christmas ornaments I should have photographed before I packaged, which I made from the weathered pages of an 1806 Bible) And look- I already found a use for some of the extra pieces, covering the address so InternetWorld can’t see it!



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