Thurs 3/8/2018 another treehouse! And a new favorite Daniel Smith green

One for each grandchild. They are brighter in person,

Both use Daniel Smith paints on Canson XL 140 lb watercolor paper. . This paper isn’t ideal, but at under $10 for 30 9×12 inch sheets, it is A deal. (33 cents a sheet!) Paper IS important, though, and will affect your experience with watercolor, and your result, so it depends on what you are doing. I don’t recommend this brand for anything involved or traditional very wet on wet techniques… It’s good to try different types and see what feels best.

I buy the Canson on sale and keep it around for simple craft projects, for making swatch pages of my paints, making cards, testing colors, doing ink drawings, etc. And I use more expensive brands for more involved things. I’m still learning what supplies are best. I prefer keeping things in journals right now, so I can observe growth and development, and refer back to previous pieces easily, but we can talk journals later!

These aren’t as bright and vivid as I’d hoped but I must say, the green color,Daniel Smith’s Green Apatite Genuine, is amazing! I love it! It granulates into interesting green and brown particles… I can see this will be great for foliage. On Amazon right now it is about $11 for the 15 ml tube… and also $11 for the 5 ml tube, so don’t buy the tiny one!!


(I am part of the Amazon Affiliates group… Any purchases made through these links gives me a few cents, but doesn’t cost you anything extra, and I only link things I use and enjoy. I shop at Amazon all the time myself, but I check prices everywhere and if I find them cheaper somewhere else I’ll include that link instead! Always price check, as prices change every day!)


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