Drawing My Days

I found this book, Draw Your Day , by Samantha Dion Baker, a couple of days ago, and I simply love it!

It’s what I’ve been doing a little on my own, but she has me looking at it in a new way. This book is light, easy to read, has a lot of pointers for (in my opinion) both a new artist and an experienced one. Basically, she simply tells her theory on journaling, why she does it, how, and what she uses. She also makes some really helpful observations about making mistakes. Things we all know inherently but need to hear repeatedly.

Some people may find it too basic, but honestly, it was worth the money ($11) to me just to be able to flip through some of her journal drawings. I love that she includes notations about the weather, and food she ate.

My style is similar to hers, and I love drawing mundane every day items. She helped me to see that drawing simple anythings or nothings has value as much as creating something special to sell or exhibit. I loved the idea I found two months ago about drawing a doodle each day about the day in my calendar, but this is even better. I’m excited to start journaling my days without feeling like I need to write things out, unless I want to. I am not committing to doing this every single day, and won’t let myself feel GUILTY when I don’t, but it is relaxing, it is great practice, and I plan to try as many evenings as realistically possible. Here is what I’ve done so far:




I’ve included the Amazon link to the book (at the top of this post). There’s a journal as well (workbook) that she offers, but I’m using the Stillman & Birn 5×8 mixed media book… the pages are thick and luscious. I use the smaller ones and really like them. Plus…  (the real reason!!) I already had it. 🙂 If you purchase either through these links, I’ll get a few cents, and it doesn’t cost you any more… these are the best prices I could find right now… however, don’t be afraid to look around for better prices! I’d love to see some drawings, if anyone tries drawing their day? Have you looked at this book? What did you think?


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