Day 362 (Thurs Dec 28) more on White Nights

A friend from Swap-bot has told me she might be able to translate the Russian paint insert I mentioned yesterday here in my blog. 🙂

Today instead of real ART, I did a little more research on the White Nights paints, and swatched them out. I found this page on Jane Blundell’s blog dedicated to her test of these paints, and it was very helpful. She also posted a link to this photo:


which gives me the company’s paint info… telling us which are lightfast and which are “fugitive” paints. As you can see, most of the colors have ***, meaning they are rated very ‘lightfast’. The square tells us whether the color is opaque ope transparent. The chart gives us the pigment colors, so we can compare the colors to other brands… and also see which are single pigment colors. (Artists often prefer single pigment colors for clearer mixing results when they paint.)

Jane Blundell suggested which colors she would include in a twelve color palette. I separated those in my palette, and ordered a couple more individual pans (between $2.50 and $3.50 each for the full pans on Amazon!) to complete the palette. I removed four fugitive or or possibly fugitive colors. (Why worry about using them??) Violet (sad to see that one go… but I’ve seen purple fade to pink and that’s sad, too), Green, Scarlet, and Yellow Ochre. Green and yellow ochre aren’t actually fugitive, but don’t have the *** rating, so I think I’ll use other colors instead.

Here is the White Nights Plein Air Set, if you want a smaller set. They do stay nice and bright after they dry, and are a great price for someone just starting out, I think, and seem to be much higher quality than other “starter” sets, (Cotman, Prima, etc), but I can’t imagine anything will top Daniel Smith or Qor to me. I’m looking forward to playing with them soon.  At $25 for 12 full pans of color… seems like a steal, and I would easily recommend them to someone just wanting to try them out, or looking for a starter set.

Here’s my palette… I’ve left spots for the ones which will arrive in a week or two. The section outlined in blue holds the main colors I’ll use. I may end up removing the others, the top row, first 8, but I want to wait and try them a bit. Also, I’m torn between Golden, which gets **, and cadmium orange at ***.





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