Day 361 (Wed Dec 27) Anyone able to read Russian??

After months of considering, and subsequently rejecting, these Leningrad (St Petersburg) White Nights watercolor paints I have finally succumbed to their lure… They came without a palette box, but in full pans ( both full sized and TRULY full to the top pans) and I have to admit I’m finding them interesting. I was just playing around with a quick sketch with a broken sharpie marker, but now I’m thinking I need to put a little more effort into testing them. They are really bright and vivid and creamy.


(really vivid even dry)

They actually were shipped to me from St Petersburg, Russia, which surprised me, and they arrived two weeks earlier than I’d been told. At $41 for 24 full pans, these may be better than a lot of the marketed beginners sets I’ve seen (and tried). No box to store them in, it’s true. I did see other sets with an English cover instead of Russian saying they are the same type, with a plastic palette box, but I don’t know if they are. However… I do have a tin I found for a dollar that will fit them nicely, if I put magnets on them, so you really don’t have to spend a lot on a palette box unless you want to.

What else have I noticed about them? They rewet very quickly, they are moist and easy to use, they lift off easily (the colors I’ve tried)… they flow nicely. I’m still pretty committed to Daniel Smith and Qor… but these are much nicer than I was expecting them to be. The description claims they are artist quality, single pigment paints, still made the way they originally were, using traditional materials and techniques dating back centuries. Also says they contain gum arabic and honey, and are lightfast.

A quick messy sketch just throwing paint on… bold unexpected colors.


Anyone want to translate the Russian on the paper in the box (first photo) for me??




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