Day 363 (Fri Dec 29) Snail Mail?

So… I basically did nothing today. That’s me drenched in purple and rainbows, under the FUN sign, hooves on the wheel:


Okay NO, I am not really a fluffy purple unicorn. Usually. But today was spent doing that, and other FUN things, because life should be made of more moments like this… and then I spent 15 minutes on this:


Which is technically art. And look at those little decorated letters… swap-bot worthy.

I can’t believe I only have 2 days left on my project!! And I can’t believe how far I got! And I can’t believe how much time I lost in December! A habit disappears so quickly. Lesson learned, I hope. It takes dedication and commitment to keep doing something when life intervenes and it becomes inconvenient to continue. It is all too easy to fall OUT of a habit, even one you like. But also, maybe a day off now and then isn’t such a bad idea.

My friend’s friend translated that Russian paint box I talked about yesterday and Wednesday. The St Petersburg White Nights. Basically, it is the name and address of the paints and paint company, and also says if there’s anything wrong with it to contact the company and give them the batch number. (As ridiculous as I know it is, it is still a load off my mind… no scary Russian warnings. It must be nice to know several languages, hmm?) Thank you, friend’s friend! And friend!

Off to bed to dream about the last two posts for 2017!!

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3 thoughts on “Day 363 (Fri Dec 29) Snail Mail?

  1. I know exactly how you feel. It’s so easy to fall out of habits. I spent half of this year forming the habit of painting almost daily and I’ve been taking more and more time off since August. I can’t figure out why since I love painting. Now I have a daily challenge coming up in a few days and I’m already finding excused to put it off.


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