Day 71: (sun 3/12) watercolor and pen

So I borrowed Peter Sheeler’s style for this one… and without his tutorial it was crazy hard!! I had to do it twice, my perspective was so skewed the first time. I edited the photo on my computer to add grid lines and tried again. It’s better, as you’ll see. But not Sheeler-good. I hate to post my crooked one, but I will for transparency’s sake! (But see how I kept it smaller? I HAD to. It pains me so to post it!) Even with the grid I was still off. But I figured it’s my interpretation, not a photo. (right??) I think the biggest weakness of mine, really, is the lack of light. The light in the photo is gorgeous, and I totally missed it.

I used a new set of brushes I’ve been asked to review, for this painting and the past day or two’s. I will post my review of them soon.

(PS biggest thing I learned today… if I’m having trouble, don’t be afraid to cheat. It isn’t really cheating. All’s fair in love, war, and art)



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