Day 364 (Sat Dec 30) WATERCOLOR. Finally.

NOT. MY. IDEA. I am totally COPYING this image from this youtube video, which you should check out, kelogsloops 2017 watercolor sketchbook tour. His stuff is really nice. I wish I could come up with incredible ideas of my own, even without all of the skill of the people I follow… maybe over time, but can you really teach an old dog new tricks like that?? Anyway, his original is better, but I’m happy with my attempt.


For this I used my Khadi sketchbook (found here) It is almost $13 plus about $6 shipping, and the photo shows a green paper cover, but mine came with NO cover, just papers sewn together. One edge is rough cut, which is very attractive, and the paper is high quality… made from cotton rags, very textured, kind of a strange book but I have really enjoyed it and get compliments on its unique nature. I used my new leningrad white nights watercolor paints… that I have mentioned in the last several blog entries. They worked fine, pretty much like any other paint, I think? I’m not jumping up and down screaming YOU MUST HAVE THESE, but I do like them and will use them… as I mentioned before, they have a smaller set very suitable to someone starting out and very affordable compared to other student sets (and these are professional grade paints)…this 12 color set with box (my set doesn’t have a palette box) At $28 for 12 FULL pans, not half pans, it’s a good start, I think, with quality paints.

I’m really beginning to believe, after testing so many brands this year, that it comes down to using any (professional quality) brand paints you love using. They all have different qualities, and if something about them stirs something in you, use them!! Just paint. I highly recommend looking through Jane Blundell’s blog. She reviews all types of paints, and even suggests 12 color palettes for most, so you can start with as few as possible, but a SMART few. I’ve heard several other artists say paint with whatever professional brand you want to try.

In the end, as much as I enjoy EVERY paint I’ve tried this year, I suspect I prefer my Daniel Smith paints, and a few of the Qor colors that I love thrown in. Daniel Smith and Qor can be an expensive way to begin, but you really only need 6-8 paints to start, and this Daniel Smith introductory set  at $31 for the 6 tubes isn’t bad at all. You’ll want a palette box and pan, however, and it can still get costly. The problem with Daniel Smiths… there’s always another color you can add!!! It never stops at 6. And 6 is really fine. 12 for SURE.  With these paints you can try this meeden palette box with 6 full pans… so you really won’t be tempted to add more until later!! I like this box a lot and you can get 12 half pans if you prefer. There are so many palette box choices.Honbay 12-color watercolor tin  looks to me just like the meeden tin, but at $2 less! It is new so has few reviews, but all are good. Doesn’t offer the choice of pan size… it comes with half pans. I haven’t tried it myself but for $9 with pans it seems like a decent buy. I will do an updated palette box blog sometime… I have tried PLENTY and have lots of favorites. But really… anything works. A dollar tree tin will hold your paints and a white ceramic plate works great as a palette.

One more 2017 post!!!!



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