Wacky Wonderful Wedding Weirdness.

I’m embarrassed by how long since my last entry!! My excuses are

  1. Busy with work
  2. My giant dog has had several dr visits, ending with scheduling TPLO surgery for him for next week. Ugh. Double ugh. Triple ugh.
  3. Threat of Hurricane Florence, including a partial mandatory evacuation in the area (not us, though!) … Flo was a no-show here, thank goodness! 
  4. A larger art project I’ve completed (which I’m about to explain), and
  5. General Laziness. ……Still… it is THREESIXFIVE art. Not, 345, or 351… 3-6-5. Truthfully, though, I have done a little something most days, just haven’t posted it.
    So let’s talk about #4. My niece (-to-be) asked me to make table markers for her wedding reception, with pretty bits in them AND some creepy crawlies, because she met my nephew (-who-already-is) at a session where she was teaching about the little crawlies (or… something cute like that) So instead of table numbers, each table with be named after some little buggy, with a drawing of it in its nymph form. (I know, “nymph” sounds so cute, doesn’t it? But trust me when I say decidedly NO) Still, it’s a cute idea, but it took me a while to get it finished (and started, even) because I was a bit out of my comfort zone and didn’t have a clear vision for the project. Well, they are finished now, so I’ll show you what I came up with. I wish I had done the large letters differently, and I wish I had drawn the bug in ink first, then painted it in, but overall they are cute and different, and hopefully she likes them.


I’ll wager you’ve never seen wedding table markers anything like this, right??

A few of my favorites, for indiscernible reasons:

I was definitely better at them by the last one, and wish I had a temperament (or perseverance) which would allow me to do them over, start to finish. (Thankfully, I don’t, and there wasn’t time!) I loved painting all these little colored leaves and flowers. I do wish I had added more flowers! The recent Jay Lee youtube tutorials have given me lots of practice.

I think they should inform everyone which table they’ll be at, and see who arrives knowing the most facts about their table crawlie. Love me a good competition!!

Seriously, though, I won’t be able to attend the wedding because of Emmett’s surgery, so I am sincerely happy to have been able to participate in this small way.


One thought on “Wacky Wonderful Wedding Weirdness.

  1. Everyone needs a cool Aunt in their life and you win the award Holly. That is impressive and kudos for tributes to all creatures great and small! Let us all cheer for the passion of the study of sciences and the importance of keeping art alive in our schools!

    Liked by 1 person

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