Inktober days 4-9 (daily journal)

Embarrassingly… I’ve done SIX JOURNAL ENTRIES since my last post. (????) I am halfway participating in the big Inktober challenge. I’m not following the suggested prompts, but I AM trying to practice with ink every single day in October. It’s really more of a journal challenge for me.

These days were painted in with QoR watercolors. To be honest, they worked fine, but I enjoyed using the EEM handmade paints (Eventually, Everything Mixes) better, from the previous week’s pages. Except QoR’s sap green which is QUITE lovely. Seriously. I like it. Might just be out of practice with QoR? Or maybe… I haven’t used them in so long, I simply like the other brands better now. (Daniel Smith, Schmincke, M Graham, EEM) Mostly, I am addicted to THEM ALL.







MI did the sketch on the left Saturday. I hated it, and tried the one on the right from the same photo on Monday… much improved! The second one isn’t quite right either but significantly closer. I didn’t want to post the first one but then I thought, sometimes it is nice to see other people’s messed up attempts!! Suggestions for improving my sketches of people, please???


2 thoughts on “Inktober days 4-9 (daily journal)

    1. Yay!!! Thank you. (Next time maybe say something like “I am a professionally trained art critic…” instead of “your mom” bwahaha! Then the stuff will look better to everyone, they don’t have to know you carry relationship bias. 😉 I was really sad about the first ellis picture that just looked NOTHING like her… but the next attempt made me feel good!


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