Urban Sketching in Hampton Roads

I joined the Hampton Roads Urban Sketching Club for a fun morning of… yeah, you guessed… urban sketching. 🙂 We met in the shopping strip of historic Hilton Village… my husband grew up in that neighborhood and I have hoards of fond memories of the place, so it was really nice for me to be there. It was great meeting other people who want to draw bits of their daily lives, and share creative ideas with each other. Our next “meeting” will be the first Saturday in November (if anyone is local and wants to join us?? Painting, and pumpkin bread… what could be nicer than that?)

The neighborhood itself is over a hundred years old, and full of history, and interesting homes. And cats. Lots of cats. We had planned to meet at Indulge, a little bakery and cafe there on Warwick Blvd, but their power was still out … one of Hurricane Michael’s residual effects! The owner (I assume?), however, brought us out huge, moist slices of pumpkin bread and banana bread, which was so thoughtful of her! AND made us loyal fans forever. It was a small kindness that we will all remember!

I hope the other artists aren’t going to mind me sharing some of their work:


I loved being allowed to take a peek at some of their art, and swap A.S.A. (art-supply-addiction) tales, and seeing all of our different techniques! Art is really for the artist. It is nice when others enjoy it, really nice, but the creation of it soothes the artist’s soul. I think that is the purpose of it. Between the perfect weather, the quaint area, and the lovely companions, this outing was a WIN.

I meant to bring some new watercolor boards I had purchased just for this event, but forgot them, so took the opportunity to make today’s entry in my daily journal. I’m glad, now, that I forgot the boards.




I think I have one of the ladies’ names wrong. Consider it a typo! 🙂

To catch you up, here are my other journal entries. I have completed an ink, or ink and watercolor, page each day in October…



This journal is turning out to be so much fun! The size is great, too. I’m looking forward to being able to look back and see a journey of improvement! And also remember a little about each day.

So… what did you do today?

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