3/19/19 More transparent watercolor petals…

In honor of the first day of spring, coming up quickly, FLOWERS!

Lots of people on youtube show techniques for painting delicate, transparent watercolor flower petals. The first time I ever tried this technique was following a Jay Lee tutorial on youtube. I’ve found several since then… Here is Emma Lefebvre’s video “Layered Watercolor Flowers”

This is the one I was watching a few days ago. I watched it again tonight, and made this little page of practice blossoms.


Use lots of water. and let each layer dry before applying the next.

With practice I know I can get better at this. It’s pretty relaxing, too. 🙂

2 thoughts on “3/19/19 More transparent watercolor petals…

  1. This is amazing I’ll be looking at this Spring again and again till Springs arrives in my city. Thanks for sharing your art.

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