Two pages full of tiny flowers!

A recent Jay Lee live stream tutorial on youtube was painting these very tiny flowers and leaves, trying to use our whole palettes. It took a long time, but I really enjoyed it.



6 thoughts on “Two pages full of tiny flowers!

  1. Gosh, you’re talented and very patient! These little flowers are awesome. I think I’d have ended up copying my two year old’s style of scrawling.

    You should frame them and sell them?! Get yourself on Etsy or something?!

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    1. I will! I will start figuring out my packaging… maybe I’ll list something and have someone in my family buy it to make sure I understand the money transaction parts. But you are right… if I sell something I’ll feel like such an ART-EEST!! And I can explain my tremendously huge watercolor purchases to my husband… “but honey… I ‘NEED’ them! (yes, all of them, really*)”

      (*’need’ is such a relative term 😉)

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      1. Yes! Honestly, get off the P. bus, your work is lovely and they are all one off’s. People love that one-of-a-kind stuff.

        I expect to see a blog post about your Etsy site, Miss Arteest who definitely needs lots of watercolours even though they look the same but colour but actually they very aren’t!


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