More World Watercolor Month Giveaway Contests!

I told you I’d link the other World Watercolor Month giveaways here as I stumble across them, so here are two more exciting ones.

Click here, to get to Doodlewash’s Sable Brush giveaway… (because every watercolor artist can always use another good sable watercolor brush!) This prize from Cheap Joes is valued at $275… it includes a size 12 Kolinsky sable brush with a leather storage pouch and a spiral bound Kilimanjaro 100% cotton watercolor journal!! (Oh I want to win this one.)





And click HERE for to sign up for the Hahnemuhle paper giveaway. This is $175 worth of watercolor paper, 5 different products, NINE items, so much watercolor fun!!!…. I’m looking forward to trying their paper soon, but it would be a great bonus to try it for FREE… if you win, let us know what you think of the paper! (or even if you don’t win, if you’ve tried it before, let us know how you like it) Please feel free to share this post with friends who may be interested in World Watercolor Month, or in watercolor supplies!


(Thanks, Doodlewash!!)

photos from the doodlewash contest site


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