Layering Transparent petals (with Jay Lee)

I followed Jay Lee’s youtube livestream tutorial again this morning… don’t go tomorrow, he’s not live-streaming… but try it Sunday or Monday 9am Eastern… you’ll learn a lot.


Today we practiced layering transparent petals. So pretty! Basically, you lay the petal down, using a lot of water, then lift the water with your cleaned, dried brush from the middle, being careful not to disturb the edges. Do two or three petals that don’t touch, then lay some petals overlapping those. Practice with different colors… I found some colors gave me better results than others!


Schmincke paint in a Strathmore 400 series soft cover watercolor journal 8″x5.5″ .  I LOVE this journal. I love the soft cover (can’t explain that), the page size is perfect for me right now (although I may go larger sometime), I love the way my paints work with the paper… It’s my third journal like it, (my newfie, Emmett, ate my first completed Strathmore watercolor journal, but I suppose I’d rather have him than have that journal anyway. I forgave him. The next day.)…  I do intend to get more of these books.


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