April 23: “Eventually, Everything Mixes”

“Eventually, Everything Mixes” (EEM) is a site with unique handmade paints.I visited the site in search of some extremely granulating colors I saw reviewed on Youtube, but they had sold out by the time I saw the review. (IMPORTANT: I hope you make more, EEM!!!) There were two paints left, Burnt Sienna and Mais, which I purchased. Included in my package were two generous sample dots of copper blue and tia, beautiful coordinating blues (on the green side). Tia is one of the AMAZING granulating paints I want… it is gorgeous. I love the copper blue, too! The full (sized) pans arrived from Germany looking very full indeed and professional executed, along with some German sweets, and 2 large swatched cards of the two purchased colors. In a fancy little box, too. 🙂

Once more colors are up, (if it coincides with the money in my bank account being up!), I hope to be able to purchase many more colors. Very nice. The paints rewet easily and are bold and vivid, without noticeable color shift upon drying. And even with shipping they were reasonably priced, for so much paint.

My quick sketch:



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