April 20: Cow paper doll accessories

So, SERIOUSLY, April 9th was my last post??? Good grief. No wonder I’ve been feeling stressed. I did some playing around with paint late last week, which I didn’t post, but this week I’ve done NOTHING, and been irritated with myself for it. I want to say I’ve been working too much. And I HAVE. But honestly I have also binge watched the new Lost in Space Netflix series so… yeah. Choices. And moderation. I do poorly with either.

Yesterday I completed an outfit for the paper doll I drew last month for a children’s event at Chick-fil-A. We are having a beekeeper come in tomorrow to talk with the kids about, well, BEES, and keeping them. Among other things. So The Cow now has a lovely beekeeper’s suit. Woo-hoo! Not exactly fine art, but really fun to draw anyway.

Remember this Cow paper doll?


Now he (??) has a St Patrick’s Day outfit and a beekeeper’s suit. We may need to develop the wardrobe a bit. I’m thinking a dress for Mother’s Day and a suit for Father’s Day. After all… a cow is obviously a She. Yet we often refer to this one as a He. And the kids can dress him/her however they like, and pretend it is male or female or neither or both…. Ooooh, I think I’ll make some superhero cow clothes as well!!! (Hey maybe that’s what I’ll make for Mother’s Day…) Wonder Woman for Mother’s Day and Superman for Father’s Day??




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