Seashore postcard and haiku

I’m trying Fabriano Artistico 100% cotton 140 lb watercolor paper… this is a 5×7 “block”, meaning the edges of the paper are all glued together. One corner remains open… once a painting is complete, you simply slide a palette knife (or anything) beneath the page and peel it off. Painting on blocked paper provides a firm work surface and prevents the page from warping much even with a heavy application of water. Looking on Amazon, I came up with this link, to the extra white cold pressed Fabriano block… Remember, Amazon prices fluctuate. At $15.95 right now, this is a pretty good price, I think, but I got it a bit cheaper at Jerry’s this weekend while it was on sale, and then with 20% off for a members discount… (if you prefer to try the Fabriano hot press, that’s even less at Amazon right now at $13.05).


Let me just say WOW. I really like the way it feels. Please don’t judge the Fabriano p[aper by my painting. I actually liked this more than Arches. So far.

I started with tape (unnecessary on a block, except for leaving a white edge) and masking fluid:


I used EEM (Eventually Everything Mixes) burnt sienna, Daniel Smith Indanthrone Blue , and Daniel Smith Mayan Blue Genuine  , a very green blue… the description says it is a green indigo, but it isn’t dark. I may try the mayan blue dark sometime, now that I’ve seen it exists! These are both lovely colors. Not necessary to a palette, but I can see a lot of times they’ll be used. Daniel Smith really has a LOT of lovely options.

Paint applied:IMG_1810

It could use more definition but I decided to leave it kind of stylized and quit while I was ahead. A quick fun sketch with just three colors!


I actually painted this for a summer haiku swap. Here are the two haiku (haikus?) I came up with for my partner:

“The ocean murmurs

Ever haunting lullabies

To the sun warmed sand”


“If I could, I’d spend

Each passing summer moment

Fingers in the sand.”




8 thoughts on “Seashore postcard and haiku

  1. This looks like so much fun to do! I really like it! I love the way you describe everything so that I, a lay person, can understand! I still say… should teach Artaud!❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad sometimes I’m making things clear… sometimes I’m afraid I’m talking in circles, but my point is generally to offer a little help or suggestion to someone even less experienced (with watercolor, or whatever im talking about) than myself. 🙂


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