3 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month Giveaways!

  1. That is wonderful new Holly – I’ve always wished that Daniel Smith would do their watercolours in a pan form. I’m definitely going to treat myself… ! I hope they will sell the pans individually as well eventually… how exciting!

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    1. I don’t NEED these, but I’m so looking forward to them and I’ll definitely try at least one set, and see how I feel about them. I’m quite content using their tubes and making my own pans. I prefer using full pans to half pans, even though I only fill one side of them… that way I have an area to add water and create a thinner wash easily, and larger brushes work well, too. If I could, I would use the very large pans Japanese paints use (their full size pan is shallow but long, to accommodate the larger japanese brushes… pans like the kuretake gansai tambi sets have. But I can’t find those pans empty anywhere!!)
      (ha!! I say I’ll try at least one… I have no self control and see me “trying” them all as soon as I possibly can…)

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      1. LOL !! I would probably buy the Ultimate Mixing Palette, as it has the widest variety of colours. I agree with you about the half pans – full pans are much more economical and practical…

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